Carol N:  I moved to MRF 2 years ago (2015).  While I think I have 3 wonderful horses, none of them are the coveted “easy keepers”.  There are metabolic issues, unfortunate thoroughbred feet, special dietary needs, and, to be honest, some are just special needs!  All have thrived at MRF.  Dietary and supplement consistency have turned the table on my previous problems with weight gain and poor feet.  Now my horses get all the nutrition they need as heavy working foxhunters.  All of their, and my, training has progressed under Rebecca’s coaching.  I love the knowledge, techniques and tricks up her sleeve that she is able to implement in solving problems.  The barn is well run, organized, and maintained.  The indoor ring and footing is excellent and the options for trail riding are extensive.  I wholly recommend MRF.   

​​Amy Rocklin

Kristen K:  I can't say enough positive things about Moon Rising Farm and Rebecca Roach.  Rebecca is far and away the best trainer I've ever had .  She's a sensational horsewoman and a lovely, kind, thoughtful person whom you can absolutely trust with your horses.  The facilities are maintained and skillfully managed.  The community is supportive.


​​​I've been working with Moon Rising Farm and the owner, Rebecca Roach, for ten years.  I can't say enough good things about the boarding and training facilities as well as the coaching/training available at MRF.  (1) The boarding facilities are fantastic.  The horses are well cared for, well fed, and happy.  The facility allows each horse to have a stall while simultaneously being turned out in a herd, so they enjoy 24/7 turnout with friends and continuous access to forage.  This arrangement is so successful that, when I moved out of state, I used the plan for my own barn.  The facility is safe and clean.  The barn staff, and the barn manager in particular, are caring and observant, promptly brining issues to your attention.  Medications are administered on schedule and without additional charge.  (2) The training facilities are top notch.  The indoor is huge and the footing is amazing.  The outdoor has a good selection of jumps.  Hundreds of acres of trails in a beautiful area - hopefully your horse has GPS.  (3)  The level of coaching is outstanding - the best I've ever experienced.  Rebecca, the owner adeptly trains many disciplines - dressage, jumping, combined training, western pleasure, and gated horses (there may be others) -  but her specialty is dressage and eventing.  Rebecca is able to read horses and riders like no other trainer I've seen and she has a great sense of humor.  She works with riders of all ages, abilities, and confidence levels, pushing appropriately to help you achieve your goals. But if you don't want to compete that's OK too.  I now live out of state, but still return regularly to train with Rebecca and compete.  And we've recently started doing remote lessons via Skype. Overall, an outstanding barn - laid back and supportive on the farm and competitive off the farm.

Marget S:  Where can you find an equine facility with over 200 acres of beautiful rolling hills and pasture land with on site trails, a large well lighted indoor, an outdoor arena, and adjacent to parkland with miles of trails in Montgomery County?  Here the horses have stalls with 24/7 access to abundant grazing in small social herds of five. Every horse's dietary requirements and meds are carefully prescribed and followed as are the shoeing and all necessary veterinary/dental care.  Moon Rising Farm is a community with shared values and amazing results, happy horses and successful riders who support each other. And, Rebecca's lessons are a combination of analysis and solutions ... always supportive, creative, purposeful ... and, in my own lessons with my modest goals,  I always learn something positive.

Mieke M: I’ve been at MRF since it’s beginning.  I love the supportive barn community—a happy mix of people competing in dressage and eventing and people focused on advancing their riding skills at home and trail riding together. I travel often for work, and I know that whatever happens in my absence, my horses will get excellent and appropriate care.   Rebecca manages every horse as if it were her own.

Veronique C:  It has been a little over a year since I brought my 14yr old OTTB to Moon Rising Farm.  We left a bad situation in a hurry because of poor conditions adversely affecting my horse and Rebecca accomodated our need to move quickly.   My horse was suffering from soreness issues that had gone unrecognized by previous traininers which caused our training to stagnate.  We weren't having much fun.   Under Rebecca's guidance and methodical/thoughtful approach to changing my working relationship with my horse, we are a experiencing some of the best riding we've ever enjoyed.  She changed his diet allowing him to put on weight for the first time since I've had him and focused on strengthening exercises to bring him around. Through her training, my horse has gained confidence and technical skills I did not believe we would ever achieve.  Further, Rebecca has bolstered my confidence as a rider and we are having a blast.

The care of the horses at Moon Rising Farm is exceptional and the ambience at the farm is peaceful and drama free.  Moon Rising Farm offers excellent working and training conditions with a beau
tiful indoor and outdoor ring and miles of trails.   I cannot recommend Rebecca and her farm more highly.  Moving to Moon Rising Farm was the best decision for us.

     Moon Rising Farm - Boyds, MD